Since 1953, American Tower Company, makers of Amerite Tower, has maintained a commitment to excellence in the production of high quality commercial and residential communication towers. A long-running commitment to quality and dedication to our customers has set American Tower Company apart as one of the most reputable manufacturers in our industry.

Company product innovations, including custom made floating boat docks and fabrications for industrial and commercial applications, have allowed American Tower Company to set the bar in the recognition of consumer needs and our dedication to fulfill them.

Tower behind old buildings

Our Committment to Excellence

American Tower Company proudly guarantees quality in all of our products


In 2002, after nearly 50 years of success and growth as a company, an internal review was conducted on all facets of our operations to question how we can improve ourselves. Out of this review, many processes were streamlined to not only strengthen the efficiency of our operations and quality of our products, but provide an even better experience to our customers. These adaptations have allowed American Tower Company to build upon 5 decades of success and establish ourselves as an industry leader well into the 21st Century.


Our top priority was to improve both the efficiency of our processes as well as the quality of the final deliverable product. The refinement of our manufacturing has allowed us to meet our customers demands of a higher quality product for modern technological applications. Extra attention is paid to fit and finish to ensure the assembly of our towers are the easiest and fastest in the industry.


Lead times that were once approximately 6 weeks have now been reduced to an industry-disrupting 7 days from order to delivery in most cases. American Tower Company now builds towers in anticipation of your order, allowing you to get your project moving faster. When we say your tower is going to be there, it will be there.


A renewed commitment was made to provide thorough project consultations, allowing us to better understand the project and provide optimal tower solutions.  The best way to start a smooth project is to get the right tower and accessories.