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A long-running commitment to quality and dedication to our customers has secured American Tower Company as one of the most reputable manufacturers in our industry.

Since 1953 American Tower Company has maintained a commitment to excellence in the production of high quality commercial and residential communication towers.

Company product innovations, including custom made floating boat docks and high speed tube cuttings and fabrications for industrial and commercial applications, show that American Tower Company sets the bar in the recognition of consumer needs and our dedication to fulfill them.

But above all else, American Tower Company proudly guarantees quality in all of our products. We received an ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000 certification on April 14, 2003. We only use top quality U.S. made steel in every single American Tower Company manufactured good.

Still standing at its original location in Shelby, Ohio, American Tower Company started under proprietors Cleland Wingart and Bill Eliss. In 2002, the Wingart family sold the company to the current owners Dave Wagner and Doug Schmidt.

Amerite Series Tower

AME 20, 25, 40 & 55
Residential, Ham Radio,
WiFi, & Light Commercial

Special Series Tower

Residential, Ham Radio, WiFi

Commercial Towers

1810, Standard & Heavy Duty

Amerite KA Series
Self Supporting Tower

MET Towers

Amerite Guyed Towers

AME 20, 25, 40 & 55

Wind Energy Towers

Guyed & Self-Supporting

Dish & Roof Mounts

Amerite Docks

For Business & Personal

Tube Fabrication

Bend, Punch, Cut