Introducing the Amerite Series 20, 25, 45 & 55  For accessories, click here.
The Amerite Series Tower is available in 4 styles to best suit your needs. We use a proven solid rod to "Z" cross brace construct each section. All sections and components are hot-dipped galvanized to ASTM 123 and we use only the best U.S. made steel tubing to ASTM A513. For more information, click on our Amerite Towers Accessories page and download the PDF of your choice or click on a part number.

The Amerite 25 & Amerite 20
The Amerite 25, a best seller, is one of the most versatile, economical, and dependable towers for self-supporting, bracketed, and guyed applications. The tower features a 12-1/2" face width with 16 gauge 1-1/4" diameter steel tubing legs. View 25 Tower Flyer

For a light duty tower, try the Amerite 20. Using the same features as the Amerite 25, the Amerite 20 uses 18 gauge 1-1/4" steel tubing and smaller diameter "Z" cross bracing. The Amerite 25 and Amerite 20 use the same bases and accessories.

Amerite 20 Tower Sections
AME 20: 10' Mid
AME 20-T: 9' Top
Amerite 25 Tower Sections
For more information, download our
Amerite 25 Brochure
AME 25: 10' Mid
AME 25-T: 9' Top W/ STD. Top
AME 25-TRB: 9' Top W/ Removable Bushing
AME 25-B3: 3' Base
AME 25-BT: 3' Tilt Base
AME 25-B5: 5' Base
AME 25-BGR: Ground & Roof Plate
AME 25-BH: Hinged Ground & Roof Plate
AME 25-DIB: Drive-In Base
AME 25-6: 6' Mid *UPS shippable
AME 25-6T: 6' Top *UPS shippable
AME 25-6TRB: 6' Top W/Removable Bushing *UPS shippable

Amerite 45 Tower
14 GA, 1-1/4" diameter.
Amerite 45 Sections
AME 45: 10' Mid
AME 45-T: 9' Top, 2" Mast
Base & Plates for the Amerite 45 Series
AME 45-B5: 5' Base
AME 45-BGR: Ground & Roof Plate
AME 45-TBS: 10' Tapered Base
Coming soon - Accessories for the
Amerite 45 Tower!

Amerite 55 Tower
12 GA, 1-1/2" diameter
Amerite 55 Sections
AME 55: 10' Mid
Base & Plates for the Amerite 55 Series
AME 55-B5: 5' Base
AME 55-BGR: Ground & Roof Plate
AME 55-TBS: 10' Tapered Base
Coming soon - Accessories for the Amerite 55 Tower!

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